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iPhone 11 Pro 的新深度融合功能即将推出,以提升您的照片,在 Google 上拍摄



苹果在iPhone 11 Pro上的深度融合利用机器学习来改进照片。


苹果的 three-camera system on the new iPhone 11 专业版和 Pro 最大值, announced Tuesday, are set to showcase the latest of what Apple can offer for mobile photography. Combining the improved sensors, new ultra-wide lens and the company's A13 Bionic chip, the 手机 look to bring a number of improvements over last year's iPhone XS and XS 最大值

A new night mode and an improved portrait mode are two of the highlights available when 手机在9月20日上市, but Apple also teased a new feature coming in the fall that seems poised to take on Google's impressive artificial intelligence-based photography. 


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On stage at 苹果的发布会, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller called the mode "computational photography mad science." He touted how the system begins taking four long exposure and short exposure photos before you press the shutter button, then takes a longer exposure shot once you do press the button. 



With Google seemingly set to 可以说是最好的手机, it remains to be seen how the search giant counters Apple's latest move into its area of strength. But with Google already teasing the Pixel 4's improved camera capabilities, it seems a new battle is brewing between the two heavyweights. 

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