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苹果iOS 13将于9月19日发布

苹果手机操作系统的最新版本将适用于iPhone 6S及以后,包括即将推出的iPhone 11。


您必须等待一周多一点才能试用 iOS 13。


苹果 iOS 13 will be released on Sept. 19, Apple announced during the company's iPhone 11 事件 at its Cupertino, California, headquarters on Tuesday. As usual, iOS 13 will be a free software update. 您将能够下载它 on the iPhone 6S and all later models. Additional software features will be coming on Sept. 30, with Ios 13.1, according to an Apple 新闻稿

苹果周二还宣布iPhone 11、11 Pro和11款Pro Max手机包括升级的相机和一些低于平时的价格点,但在外形和功能上没有重大变化

iOS 13 包含新功能如深色模式和"使用 Apple 登录"工具,该工具旨在在其他应用上创建新帐户时提高用户隐私。它还具有新的相机和视频编辑工具,例如调整人像照明的能力。

Meanwhile, the new iPadOS, 6月宣布 at Apple's WWDC conference, will be available Sept. 30. iPadOS will include all the improvements coming to iOS 13, as well as new features and optimizations specific to the iPad, such as new multitasking abilities and user interface gestures.

同时,您仍然可以加入 iOS 13 的测试版并测试出许多新功能。

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